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Ch - 10 References tab And Footnote Endnote And Table of Contents

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Table of Contents ( INDEX ) = Add a table of content to
the document.

1) Take three separate pages and write a chapters in them.
2) Convert all chapter name in to heading 1

3) Go to first page in document & select option.
4) Then insert table of content in your document.

Update Table = update table of content when you add
more chapters after inserting a table of content.

Insert Footnote = write meaning of difficult words in
footer of the document.

Insert Endnote = write meaning of difficult
words in bottom of the document.

Show Notes = Scroll the document to show
where the footnotes & endnotes are located.

Insert Citation = If you want to add Author name of
the document so click on insert citation and select “add
new source”

then fill all the information & click ok.

Bibliography = Add a bibliography, Which list all the
sources cited in the document.

Style = Choose the style of citation to use in the

Manage Sources = View the list of all the source
cited in the document.

Insert Caption = Add a caption to a picture or other

Insert Table of Figures = A table of figures
includes a list of all the figures in the document.

Cross reference = Refer to item such as headings ,
figures , and tables by inserting a cross reference.

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