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use of compare

Ch - 13 Review Tab And Spelling grammar And track Changes

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Spelling & Grammar = Check the spelling and grammar
of text in the document. [shortcut key = F7]

Research = Open the Research task pane to search
through reference material , such as dictionaries ,
encyclopedias, and translation services.
[shortcut key = Alt + Click]

Thesaurus = Suggests other word with a similar
meaning to the word you have selected.

Word Count = Find out the no. of words , character ,
paragraphs , and line in the document.

New Comment = Add a comment about the selection.

Delete = Delete a selected comment .

Previous = Navigate to the previous comment in the

Next = Navigate to the next comment in the

Track changes = Track all the changes made to the
document , including insertions ,deletions and
formatting changes. [shortcut key = Ctrl + Shift + E]

Choose how to view the proposed changes to the

Choose what kind of mark up to show in the document.

Accept = Click here to accepting all the changes in the

Reject = click here to rejecting all the changes in the

Restrict Editing = Restrict how people edit or format
specific parts of the document.

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