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insert shape in ms word

Ch - 5 Insert Shapes And Customize Shape Fill

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Clip Art = Insert Clip art in to the document.

Shapes = Insert ready – made shapes , such as
rectangles and circles , arrows , lines, flowchart symbols,
and callouts .

When a Shape is inserted in document so you can see this type
of menu in your menu bar. This is a picture tools.

Edit Shape = Change the shape of this drawings,
Convert it to a freeform shape , or edit the wrap points
to determine how text wraps around the drawing.

Shape Fill Style

Shape fill = Fill the selected shape with a solid color
gradient , picture , or texture.

Texture Gradient Picture Color

Shape outline = Specify the color , width , and line
style for the outline of the selected shape.

Shape Effects = Apply a visual effects to the picture ,
such as a shadow , glow , reflection , or 3-D rotation.

Use of Preset

Use of Shadow

Use of Reflection

Use of Glow

Use of Soft Edges

Use of Bevel

Use of 3D Rotation

Position = Position the selected object on the page.
Text is automatically set to wrap around the object.

Wrap text = Change the way text wraps around the
selected objects.

Bring forward = Bring the selected object forward so
that it is hidden by fewer objects that are in front of it.

Send backward = Send the selected object
backward so that it is hidden by the objects that are
in front of it.

Selection pane = Show the selection pane to help
select individual objects and to change their order
and visibility.

Align = Align the edges of multiple selected objects.

Left Center Right

Top Middle Bottom

Group = Group objects together so that they can be
treated like a single object.

Rotate = Rotate or flip the selected object.

Shape height = Change the height of the shape or picture.

Shape Width = Change the Width of the shape or picture.

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