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Ch - 6 Insert Text box And Create Cover Page

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Text box = Insert a text box in to the document.

Click on draw text box and make your own customize text box.

Then you will customize your text box like shape.

Text Shape Fill Style

Shape fill = Fill the selected shape with a solid color
gradient , picture , or texture.

Texture Gradient Picture Color

Shape outline = Specify the color , width , and line
style for the outline of the selected shape.

Shape Effects = Apply a visual effects to the picture ,
such as a shadow , glow , reflection , or 3-D rotation.

Use of Preset

Use of Shadow

Use of Reflection

Use of Glow

Use of Soft Edges

Use of Bevel

Use of 3D Rotation

Text Fill = Fill the color in selected text in text

Text outline = Change the outline color and
remove outline from the text box.

Text effects = Apply a visual effects to the text
, such as a shadow , glow , reflection , or 3-D
rotation & transform.

All the text effects is same as shape effects but a one text effects
is different that is a transform.

Transform = this tool is transforming your text.

Text direction = Change the orientation of text
to vertical , stacked, or rotate it to the desire

Align text = Change the alignment of text in
the text box.

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