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Ch - 14 View Tab - Ms Word - adca

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Ch - 14 View Tab

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There are 5 types of View in Ms word

Print Layout = View the document as it will appear on the
printed page .

Full Screen Reading = View the document in full screen

Web layout = View the document as it would looks as a
web page.

Outline = View the Document as an outline and show the
outlining tools.

Draft = View the document as a draft to quickly edit the

View the Ruler , used to measure and line up objects in the

Turn on gridlines to which you can align object in the

Open the navigation page , Which allow you to navigate
through the document by heading ,by page , or by
searching for text and object.

Zoom = show the zoom dialog box to specify the
zoom level of the document.

One page = Zoom the document so that an entire
page fits in the Window.

Two pages = Zoom the document so that two pages
fit in the window.

Page width = Zoom the document so that the width
of the page matches the width of the window.

New window = Open a New window containing a
view of the current document.

Arrange all = Tile all open program windows side –by
– side on the screen.

Split = split the current window into two parts so
that you can view different selection of the document
at the same time.

Switch Windows = switch to a different currently
open window.

Macros = Record text with macros.
[shortcut key = Alt +F8]

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