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CSS Course

Design Your Website Using CSS

CSS कोर्स के बारे में

इस कोर्स में आप आपनी वेबसाइट को डिजाईन करना सीखोगे

Course Syllabus

  • Ch-1 Introduction to CSS2
  • Ch-2 CSS2 Web layout design with sementic elements
  • Ch-3 Web layout design with Inline stylesheet
  • Ch-4 CSS2 Internal Stylesheet
  • Ch-5 CSS2 Text & Dimensional Properties
  • Ch-6 CSS2 Selectors
  • Ch-7 Sweetshop Project part 1
  • Ch-7 Sweetshop Project part 2
  • Ch-7 Sweetshop Project part 3
  • Ch-7 Sweetshop Project part 4
  • Ch-7 Sweetshop Project part 5
  • Ch-7 Sweetshop Project part 6
  • Ch-7 Sweetshop Project part 7
  • Ch-8 External Stylesheet & Background Poperties
  • Ch-9 Metadata Installation with
  • Ch-10 Beauty products Project part 1
  • Ch-10 Beauty products Project part 2
  • Ch-10 Beauty products Project part 3
  • Ch-10 Beauty products Project part 4
  • Ch-11 CSS2 Properties List part 1
  • Ch-11 CSS2 Properties List part 2
  • Ch-12 CSS2 Pseudo Class
  • Ch-13 Complete Pseudo Classes
  • Ch-14 CSS2 Position Properties
  • Ch-15 CSS2 Dropdown Introduction
  • Ch-16 CSS2 Dropdown Menu
  • Ch-17 CSS2 Miscellaneous selectors and properties
  • Ch-18 Opacity & Pseudo Element

Duration : 1 Months

Fee : ₹ 0.00 ₹2500

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