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Ch - 1 Introduction to Ms Excel - dca

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Ch - 1 Introduction to Ms Excel

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Excel is a semi accounting package software.

Extension name of Microsoft Excel (2007) is = .xls
Extension name of Microsoft Excel (2010) is = .xlsx

Extension name of Ms Excel Worksheet 2007 is = .xlw
Extension name of Ms Excel Worksheet 2010 is = .xlwx

There are three Methods to open Microsoft Excel 2010.
1. Start = Microsoft Office = Microsoft Excel 2010.
2. Start + R = Open Run Dialog Box and type [excel].
3. Go to search box and Type [excel].

The Total No. of Rows in Ms Excel 2010 is = 1048576.
The Total no. of Columns in Ms Excel 2010 is = 16384.

The last Column name in Ms Excel 2010 is = XFD
The Last Cell Address Name is = XFD1048576

3 sheets are given by default in Ms Excel 2010

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