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Ch - 8 Insert Smart Art Graphics And Chart And Hyperlink And Header Footer - Ms Word - dca

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Ch - 8 Insert Smart Art Graphics And Chart And Hyperlink And Header Footer

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Smart Art = Insert a smart art graphic to visually
communicate information.


Chart = Insert a chart to illustrate and compare data.
Bar , Pie , Line , Area and surface are some of the
available types.

Screen shot = Insert a picture of any program that is not
minimized to the task bar.

Hyperlink = Create a link to a webpage , a picture or a
Program. Short key = Ctrl + k

Bookmark = Create a bookmark to assign a name to a
specific point in a document.

Header = The content in the Header will appear at the
top of each printed page.

Footer = The content in the Footer will appear at the
bottom of each printed page.

Page number = Insert page number in to the

Word Art  Insert decorative text in your document.

Drop cap = Create a large capital letter at the
beginning of a paragraph.

There are two types of drop cap

1. Dropped
2. In margin

The drop cap contains maximum 10 lines and minimum 1 .

Date & Time = Insert the current date & time in to
the current document.

Object = insert an embedded object.

Equation = Insert common mathematical
equations or build up your own equations using a
library of math symbols.

Symbol = Insert symbols that are not on your
keyboard , such as copyright , trademark symbols ,
paragraph marks , and Unicode characters.

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